Joyce Krawiec’s Mouth From the South


Soon my husband and I will celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary.  There was a time when that was expected.  You married your true love and lived happily ever after.  Well, you lived together ever after anyway, whether happily or not.  Now, I realize that my husband and I are exceptions to the rule.  We’re special.  He sure is, anyway.

 Today it is too commonplace that families no longer stay together.  The divorce rate is way too high.  I’m not sure if anyone knows what it is. We can all agree, however, just from our personal knowledge, that the figure is way too high.

When I asked my husband why our marriage had lasted, he said, “what, are you crazy?  Why would you ever get rid of someone like me?”  He has a point.

Feminist ideology, which has strayed so far from its original goals, can share some blame for the decline in the traditional American family.  Women were told they were used and abused if they “chose” to stay home and answer the highest calling a woman can have, to be a mother and teach and nurture.  This group has even equated motherhood to slavery.  These feminists are in favor of any form of support, charity, welfare, etc., except a father in the home taking care of the family. Women were told, “do your own thing,” and men were told, “you aren’t responsible, it’s a woman’s choice” (in all matters).

This ideology teaches that the most important goal in life, is personal fulfillment and happiness.  When people are more concerned with their own self-gratification than the family as a unit, the results are inevitable.  Everyone Loses.  A family thrives when the individual units put the family unit as a whole in the priority position and work to make it survive.  Everyone Wins.

 The so-called women’s movement was founded to address some serious issues. It has now strayed so far off base, it has become irrelevant.  These organizations, such as National Organization of Women (Now), have been reduced to hypocrisy in the highest sense.  Their leaders do not speak for most women, yet those are the main voices we hear in the mainstream media stage show.

 These women believe that everything in the workplace is sexual harassment.  That is, unless you are a powerful man who tows the feminist’s line.  For example, say President of the United States who receives sexual favors from a lowly intern. On this issue, I once heard the NOW President speak of keeping an open mind. Perhaps, therein lies the problem. The mind is so open, perhaps the brains have tumbled out.

 These liberal women’s groups paint women as being unable to make a decision for themselves on anything except abortion.  The only reason we could possible make less money than a man is because men are discriminating against us. 

It never occurs to them that it just could be the “choices” we make. Although, there is a lot of data out there to support the notion that women, very often, “choose” professions that are less demanding and therefore, the pay scale is usually lower. It shouldn’t matter to anyone, what jobs women tend to seek, as long as it is her “choice”.

 Why, I wonder, are these women always touted out to speak for women?  I believe they represent only a small minority of women and “women’s issues” are the same issues that are important to all members of the family.  Surprise! Feminists, most women put their family first and want what is best for the unit as a whole.

 I belong to several women’s organizations that has a membership to make the NOW gang look like an afternoon tea party. Strangely enough, with many alternate media organizations now available, these leaders in these groups are finally being asked for opinions on the issues of the day concerning women. Most of the mainstream media aren’t really interested in what real women have to say.  They usually feature the radical feminist organizations that have a political and social agenda that fits the media ideology.

 Leftist women’s groups have preached the virtues of “pro choice” when it comes to abortion.  But when women make decisions regarding their choice of professions to pursue, it just couldn’t possibly be “choice” keeping them on the lower rung of the corporate ladder.

Nor could we little women, who are so suppressed, be allowed to “choose” the schools that those little ones we “choose” to birth and nurture should attend. But that’s for another day and another column.

Most of us women have been busy taking care of our families, working in our communities and sometimes in our businesses, making the world go round, while these feminists have pretended to make a difference.  They’ve made a difference all right, and it ain’t a pretty sight.


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